Naga spin

Damn hay fever is doing me in this year… snrff


Been tweaking Naga a little in preparation to doing some animations with her, finishing some of the started ones. I never got her clothing quite right so I’m rebuilding it bit by bit, which is why she’s less than fully clothed, ahem.

Was going to make this a simple “spin on a turntable” type gif but then I decided to actually animate her twirling around.

Couple more stereo tests

All my previous stereoscopic tests didn’t seem to “pop” as much as they should so I tried to push the eye spacing distance, these are 14 and 21 centimeters instead of the default 7 cm and I think the 3d effect is a lot more noticeable.

Longer animation of this scene will be posted soon.

Sea tentacles animated

Animation is still rendering, will link to the full version when it’s out of the oven. But here’s a preview. Gif now links to the animation, still not final version, final will be longer and remove some glitches

Decided to go with semi transparent tentacles, for greater visibility.