stereoscopic 3d Rukia

This is something I’ve done before once or twice, free viewing 3d, you cross your eyes so your left eye is looking at the right picture and viceversa, and the image “pops” like it was true 3d

It’s almost impossible to do with large size images though, so I’ve resized it down to a manageable size.

Here’s the anaglyph version too, if anyone has a pair of those funky red and blue glasses available (Less strain on the old eyeballs)


Rukia rides Ichigo

Welp, here’s a larger res. render. Some of the frames look fairly nice on their own.

Rukia riding Ichigo

Click to see the full animation (for members). Not a member? Join here – you get to see the animation, and I put the cash towards buying a faster computer so I can make more animations! Everyone wins. (I was kidding about the drugs.)

I’m also going to render some alternate camera views. Like so


It also has a slightly different lighting setup which I think looks better.