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One of the problems I have is rendering long files is a bottleneck, so I’ve partnered up with an assistant who will be doing dedicated rendering for me with his machine. We’re still figuring out the details but it should let me produce content faster once we have it all nailed down.

Street Fighter Sakura blowjob


Sakura licks that penis like it was a liquorice stick!

Whee, I’m back, miss me? I actually have a good excuse this time, not one but 2 funerals in the last month – not exacly the kind of thing that puts you in a frame of mind to make smut.

Then again pornography is life affirming! Or something. 🙂

I really like the way the Udon guys draw the SF characters, I must look carefully at their stuff, if I’m gonna be doing existing characters I might as well reference the better renditions

Street Fighter Legends Volume 1: Sakura