akumi episode two

Primal instinct pro has released part 2 of their animated series, Akumi.

This one is on google video so the bandwidth shouldn’t be a problem but of course that means it doesn’t have any explicit content.

The episode looks pretty good, I think the weakest part are the voices, not that the voice acting is bad but possibly the recording could be improved, no doubt they’re working with a tight budget and amateur equipment, so they can’t be blamed for any shortcomings.

My post about the first episode and a mirror of it can be found here

Changes, changes what changes?

Well, let me see, as usual I am full of good intentions, so here they are more or less:

Regular posting: Not daily, I’m not going back to that, but a lot more often and regular than it was last year. Definitely

Comics: I’ma gonna do comics, truth be told I like them more than animation. They will have animated components, probably for the naughty bits. Which will probably be for the members only, but some might slip out.

Non linear animation! I finally figured it out, seems I was doing it wrong, but I’ve finally cracked it. What does it mean? Well I should be able to reuse animation in much more versatile ways and this should increase my productivity.

Flash video! Youtube style, kind of. I’ve been running test and I still haven’t nailed the quality settings I like, but there’s a lot to be said for something that will just play in a browser with zero problems.

Oh yeah, here’s more Sakura


As has been pointed out, there’s no background, the dude is just the basic model (I was thinking of making him sagat, but then he’d have to be twice as big and that would mess up the animation) and the lighting is all fucked up. No problem I can fix all that later, and I will! I’m not going to be posting big heavy 25 megabyte videos with small changes so that people have to keep downloading the same damn 25 meg video just to see a few extra seconds tacked on to the end, or a few fixes in the middle. I’ll do that when the thing is well and truly finished.

I’ll try to make the short ones a little less crappy though, happy medium and all that! 🙂