Naga boobies

Naga pops her top

Image links to a 10 second 2meg avi (Login required). I’m gonna shoot for daily updates again, 10 seconds a day, 6 days a week gives me a minute of animation per week, which isn’t bad. We’ll see if I can keep it up

The background is just some thing I tossed out playing with terragen a while ago, I’ll probably switch it for something else

Edit: yes I have been making progress but problems with the compositing app. means I haven’t been able to upload the finished versions, will upload the whole minute at the end of the week, probably.

Linna Inverse early shot


Here’s a very early screenshot of my new Linna Inverse model, to match the Naga one.

“But HK” you’ll say “Didn’t you already have one of her”

Well yes, but it’s kinda obsolete and it sucks, so I’m redoing it!

I’m also having some work done at home so I’m having trouble working on the computer while there’s drilling and stuff going on next to me, but it should be finished soon.