Katt gangbang

Katt facialized

Image links to 640k mpg4 avi, login NOT required (For the moment, hah!)

I spent some time redoing Katt’s tiger stripe textures, I think they are now better (Though you can’t really seem them from there) I removed her leggings/bandages from the texture since that looked crappy and will add them as separate geometry if I ever actually bother to do her clothes. It’s not like little miss no-pants wears THAT much so I really should do it.

Relevant amazon links OMG:

Breath of Fire II for the GBA (I think?)

All the game’s secrets! Like how to do that damn temple bell minigame. Never did manage to do that one.

Katt facial

Katt facial

Just a quick test, using the same kind of applied texture as the previous weird gif, but in a more understandable context. 🙂

Spooge is a big part of hentai, but animating it in ways that aren’t terminally time consuming isn’t so easy…

Don’t ask me

I was messing around with textures and stuff and I ended up doing this:

I haven't a clue what the fuck

Special FX! Maybe I could adapt this for morrigan’s bat transformation or something. There’s a lot of creative shit I could do but never get around to experiment with.