this is a test, of the new mailing list plugin I’ve installed. Let’s see if it worky

Aya and the mutants
edit: Yes, it does. Wonderful! Feel free to put your email in there for inboxy goodness. I of course won’t be sending anything but my own pr0n, and no selling to spammers blah blah, I don’t even know where the plugin stores the emails…

Damn, I really suck. The elves animation, if I ever finish it, ought to clock at almost 5 minutes, but I’m pretty bogged down with it. Took another stab at remaking the Tifa animations into a continuous clip, but I realized I hated the lighting, so I made a few lighting tests, of which I hate this one a little less that all the others.

Some health problems, computer problems and the new update of my 3D software is 100% buggier than before so I’ve had to spend a lot of time writing bug reports in the hopes that they’ll finally fix some, but regardless, we should see some semblance of regularity before the end of february (Shit we’re almost halfway through, where does the time go)