Drow Huntress Game development halted

This project is officially on semi-permanent hiatus. It’s been an interesting learning experience but it’s obviously not lighting anyone’s fires, including my own. A full 3d game is a bit too much to chew for my first project.

I have some other ideas with more modest goals, a 2.5d sidescroller and some interactive sex animations, I’ll make an announcement when I have something to show.



Should have an update to the alpha demo in a few days.  Been working on various improvements to the animations, a new strike action from the orc that results in a knockdown for the player, toon line render outlines and various other behind the scenes stuff.

Unfortunately the time has come to seriously ask for support. I’ve been running on fumes for the past few months and I cannot dedicate time to this project anymore without seeing some kind of return, so I’m giving it to the end of this month and if I can’t raise at least 100$ before the 1st of april, I’ll have to consider this project dead.

Cammy got fingered.


Was learning using gimp to create gifs, I’ve been using an ancient cracked copy of jasc animation shop that was starting to bug out badly. Plus the “days you’ve been using without registering” thing on startup was beginning to depress me :)

People have been asking me to release the uncensored Cammysutra animations, but I haven’t been able to find most of them and re-rendering is out of the question – too much time.

What I would do is create a mini game using the same engine I’m using for the Drow huntress where you could cycle through the animations, move the camera around to your heart’s content and whatever other interactivity I could add into it. Also some audio would be a nice change. I could do one of those for every character, and add to it with more animations. Realtime rendering removes the biggest bottleneck I faced, those damn render times.

Original and rule34 hentai animations